Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Infected Hotel

The Infected Hotel.....

Made by the forum user of GuruFromLithuania

The Infected Hotel is an escape map, it's infected with tons of zombies, the cops already sealed the hotel and there is basically no way to escape from the hotel. You must find a way out, alive, and quickly, before the zombies get to you, and take your life away from you...

1. You can't break any blocks, only Clay!
2. Play on Normal/Hard
3. Dont use cheats/hacks
4. You can craft
5. You can't craft clay blocks
6. Use stuff that you find in chest's/furnaces only
7. You can break your own torches.
Also if you die you have to backup another save folder.


Posted Image

Posted Image

SupremoPete played this map!

Forum Post:

What we think about this map...

The Minecraft Promotion Owner: 'Well built, creepy hotel. Gives it the good 'Zombie Apocalypse' theme.
SuperMonkeyHD: 'I love going around killing all the zombies'
Nickm9175: 'Good map, if added a texture pack would've been much better'

Rating: 8/10

Want to download this map? Click here

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